Breaking Through Betrayal: and Recovering the Peace Within, 2nd Edition

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Breaking Through Betrayal: And Recovering the Peace Within is for any individual who has experienced betrayal and is struggling to break through its bonds. Through a proven process tailored for recovery from betrayal injury, readers are invited to:

  • Explore and connect with the different kinds of betrayal: rejection or abandonment; a violation of trust; a shattered truth or belief.
  • Identify and move through betrayal's three States of Being - confusion, worthlessness, and powerlessness - while uncovering contributors of symptom intensity and duration.
  • Revive and restore mind, body, and spirit with a 5-part recovering process for "righting oneself" and attend to re-occurrence or re-injury.

    New in this Second Edition of Breaking Through Betrayal, readers are offered a unique perspective on a timeless topic -- relapse. By reframing relapse as a familiar experience and redefining it as an issue of self-betrayal, readers are:
  • Drawn into a safe conversation while breaking through the stigma, secrecy, and shame of returning to any kind of unhealthy pattern of thinking, behaving, or feeling.
  • Invited to partake in an empowering 6-part recovering process in moving from self-betrayal to self-discovery.

Therapists Praise Breaking Through Betrayal
"Useful for anyone caught in self-blame, shame or repeated victimization...this empowering 'in-control' approach can help readers take charge, assess injury, gauge healing and find excellent strategies to protect themselves from future trauma when relating to one's betrayer."
--Beth Hedva, Ph.D. author of award-winning Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness

"Holli Kenley shares her comprehensive approach to a situation most of us experience at least once in our lifetimes - betrayal. As a former therapist, I appreciate the author's ability to take a complex topic and turn it into an uncomplicated and well-organized read, including easy-to-follow exercises at the end of each chapter. This book is an important resource for anyone experiencing grief and loss as the result of betrayal. Read it and 'recover the peace within.'"
--Janet A. Hopkins, Editor-in-Chief, In Recovery Magazine

About the Author
Holli Kenley, M.A., is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Specializing in the areas of sexual trauma, abuse, addiction, codependency, betrayal and cyber bullying, Holli currently works in the field of psychology as an author, speaker, and workshop presenter.
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Self-Help: Abuse - Psychological

Author: Holli Kenley
Binding Type: Paperback
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
Published: 01/18/2016
Pages: 242
Weight: 0.97lbs
Size: 9.69h x 7.44w x 0.51d
ISBN: 9781615992850

About the Author
Kenley, Holli: - Holli Kenley is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. She first became interested in promoting the wellness of others in the early 1990s by volunteering time leading support groups for women struggling with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). This experience was the motivation behind her first book-The PMS Puzzle-as well as the impetus to return to graduate school, to become a licensed therapist. Prior to and during her work as a therapist, Holli was a California middle and high school Humanities teacher. For nearly thirty years, Holli sought not only to teach students but to reach out to young people as they often navigated through painful and challenging life experiences. Much of who Holli is, as a person and a therapist, has been shaped largely by her role as a teacher. For two decades (both as an intern and a licensed clinician), Holli has worked in a variety of set¬tings: a women's shelter and transitional housing, a counseling center, and in private practice. Counseling with adolescents, teens, young and older adults, Holli's areas of special training and interest include trauma, abuse, addic¬tion, codependency, and grief/ loss. It is because of these presenting issues along with Holli's passion for clients to move out of their fragile states and into a place of purposeful authenticity that she authored her second book-Breaking Through Betrayal: And Recovering the Peace Within. Holli has written this book for anyone who has come face to face with betrayal of any kind and in any form. She invites the reader to take a journey with her: to break through the devastation of betrayal in one's life through compassionate understanding and processing of one's vulnerable position. Then, by providing the reader with Cognitive-Behavioral tools and strategies, benchmarks for assessment, and timelines for individual¬ized pacing, Holli engages the reader in an empowering process tailored specifically for recovery from betrayal injury. Her purpose is simple-to bring relief, release, and renewal from the bondage of betrayal. Holli currently works in the field of psychology as an author, speaker, and workshop presenter. Because of her own life experiences and the recovery that she has embraced throughout her personal journey, Holli has a deep desire to impart her healing strategies to others. In her words, I believe, know, and trust that wellness awaits each of us. We choose the time.