Forty Years At Saquish Beach: Our Impossible Dream by Matuzek, Connie

Forty Years At Saquish Beach: Our Impossible Dream

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Have you ever built, owned, rented or visited someone at a cottage on an ocean beach, a lake or somewhere off the beaten path? If you have, this story should let you relive many fond memories. If not, but if you have thought or dreamed about doing it, you have the chance to live some of the adventures. Building a cottage with no power tools or electricity was quite an experience. If you have done any casual or serious fishing, you should enjoy the two chapters that cover striped bass, bluefish, cod, flounder and other fish. These are based on forty years of personal experience and first-hand knowledge. They tell of how it was done, including the related what, when, where and why. The resulting fishing successes and dilemmas encountered are enlightening. Many of you have eaten shellfish and devoured lobsters. Few however have experienced how they are harvested. Some interesting encounters are discussed. Our pets have a chapter all to themselves. It covers their uniqueness and idiosyncrasies during their beach adventures. People that enjoy pets will relate to these encounters. If you enjoy nature or wildlife, there are chapters about each of these covering our many experiences and interactions with both. The chapter on GROWING UP relates to the beach activities and stories of our two daughters and four grandchildren. This is a chance to look back and enjoy some memories, or a chance to look ahead and anticipate what's in front of you. There are other interesting chapters relating to activities with our friends and the total Saquish environment. In all the chapters there are stories about specific instances that took place. A couple were life-threatening, most are positive, some are humorous and a few are out-and-out funny. Good reading!

Author: Connie Matuzek
Binding Type: Paperback
Publisher: Pen2paper Press, Ltd.
Published: 01/16/2023
Pages: 192
Weight: 0.64lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.44d
ISBN: 9798885677264