Heal Your Disc, End Your Pain: How Regenerative Medicine Can Save Your Spine

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When you live with back pain, you live with equally unbearable side effects. Anxiety. Depression. Fatigue. Hopelessness. You're fighting a daily battle impossible to articulate and difficult to see.

The list of remedies has been short, unappealing, and ineffective. So you've accepted pain. You've settled for it because you've had to. But you don't have to anymore.

Dr. Gregory Lutz began his medical career determined to find better solutions for patients suffering from degenerative disc disease. His pursuit led him to the discovery of a simple root cause regenerative treatment that can provide life-changing relief for many patients. Now, in Heal Your Disc, End Your Pain, Dr. Lutz shares his method for safely treating patients with chronic low back pain without drugs or surgery. By the use of a specialized concentration of your own cells, Dr. Lutz helps painful tears inside you disc heal. This book is a companion in your journey to better health through natural treatment. You'll learn why past options didn't work, and how a one-time remedy can give you long-term results. Take the first step toward a different life and a better you with an option you never knew you had.

Author: Gregory Lutz
Binding Type: Hardcover
Publisher: Lioncrest Publishing
Published: 02/07/2023
Pages: 228
Weight: 0.88lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.56d
ISBN: 9781544537214

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