Hero's Journey 60 Day Fitness Quest: Take part in a journey of self-discovery, changing yourself physically and mentally along the way by Rey, N.

Hero's Journey 60 Day Fitness Quest: Take part in a journey of self

discovery, changing yourself physically and mentally along the way

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Unleash your inner hero

Hero's Journey is a role-playing fitness program inspired by every hero's transformation from minion to master.

Each day takes you through a stage of the journey, presents you with fresh challenges, opportunities and threats. Each of these is accompanied by exercises that test your skill, push your performance and require you to adapt and develop in order to go on. The role play scenario transports your mind into situations where you face incredible odds and have to fight to survive. In the process you get to change not just physically but also mentally.

The routines are designed to immerse you into imaginative scenarios where you have to push your mind, forcing yourself to dig deep to find the willpower to not give up, fight the good fight and come out the other side. The journey is 60 days long and it is totally transformative.

When you have really traveled the hero's path and have gone through your quest, you will have shed uncertainty, fear and doubt along with excess body weight. You will have forged a new character out of yourself, build strength and endurance and developed power. You will stand confident in who you are and what you can do: a true hero to yourself.

Author: N. Rey
Binding Type: Paperback
Publisher: New Line Publishing
Published: 01/13/2016
Pages: 142
Weight: 0.39lbs
Size: 8.27h x 5.83w x 0.30d
ISBN: 9781844810024

About the Author
Rey, N.: - Neila Rey is the founder of Darebee, a global fitness resource. She is committed to democratizing fitness by removing the barriers to it and increasing accessibility. Every workout published in her books utilizes the latest in exercise science and has undergone thorough field testing and refinement through Darebee volunteers. When she's not busy running Darebee she is focused on finding fresh ways to make exercise easier and more enjoyable.

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