Kundalini Yoga for Self-Care and Caregivers: Includes Chair Yoga Options by Siahaya, Monique

Kundalini Yoga for Self

Care and Caregivers: Includes Chair Yoga Options

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Whatever your age or physical ability, yoga can always be used as a way to support yourself. The program Kundalini Yoga for Self-Care is designed for anyone who wants to support themselves through yoga and meditation. The authors have both been yoga teachers and caregivers in their lives for many years. They know from personal experience how incredibly nurturing yoga can be during the often difficult process of caregiving. Because of that, they came up with this incredible self-care yoga program.

It promotes self-awareness and nurtures your understanding around your main life themes. It aids you in discovering what you truly need to support yourself. This program will help you learn more about your boundaries and about being yourself. As a result, you'll realize that you have a choice in how you respond to life's challenges. You will gain more acceptance for yourself and your situation. The program helps you improve physical and mental flexibility, allowing you to feel more relaxed and at ease with yourself.

The program consists of eleven chapters and addresses important life themes. Each chapter will cover a different theme. The breathing exercises, yoga sets, meditations, and, among other yoga techniques, coordinate with the life themes, promote self-care, and raise awareness about how to provide relief to life's problems.

Author: Monique Siahaya, Ivonne Wopereis
Binding Type: Paperback
Publisher: Kundalini Research Institute
Published: 02/10/2023
Pages: 248
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Size: 9.19h x 7.00w x 0.52d
ISBN: 9780963999153