Maybe He's Not Gay -- Second Edition

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"I'm gay." An ever greater number of young people are deciding this is their true "identity," while at the same time demanding society usher in a host of new "civil rights" to promote the ever-expanding expression and celebration of their "gayness." But is this even true, that being "gay" is really "who you are?" Does this identity bring liberation - or a whole new burden? Does it lift the veil of secrecy - or start a new kind of struggle? "Maybe He's Not Gay" is a straight-talk resource that addresses these questions and speaks directly to each adolescent heart with compassion and truth.

And now the 2nd edition of this popular book brings readers a powerful new chapter: "Maybe He's Not ... a Girl," revealing the truth behind the explosion in gender confusion.

Author Linda Harvey gives hope and answers to those confused by the turmoil of adolescence, which for some, may include same-sex attractions or gender confusion. The book explodes the lies of the homosexual agenda and explains to young people what their feelings really mean - and why a new identity as "gay" may not be the final answer.

Author: Linda Harvey
Binding Type: Paperback
Publisher: World Ahead Press
Published: 02/20/2018
Pages: 122
Weight: 0.36lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.29d
ISBN: 9781946918185

About the Author
Harvey, Linda: - Linda Harvey is the president and founder of Mission America ( She is an author, speaker and radio host who has reported on sexual identity politics for twenty years. Raised in a liberal home, Linda became a Christian and changed her mind and heart about some of the most volatile issues of our time. A former teacher who became an advertising executive, then head of a Christian pro-family group, Linda has been interviewed by numerous media outlets and spoken to adult and youth audiences all over North America. She is also a wife and mother of two, and lives in Ohio.