The Micro-Script Rules: How to tell your story (and differentiate your brand) in a sentence...or less.

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COMPLETELY REVISED AND UPDATED EDITION By New York Times Best-Selling Author, Bill Schley

Today's #1 communication's secret is: It's not what people hear. It's what they repeat. That's why "the right six words will always beat 6,000" when you know which to pick And it's all here in The Micro-Script Rules: How to tell your story (and differentiate your brand) in a sentence...or less.

Call it survival of the simplest--that's the bottom line for branders, political candidates, teachers, advertisers--anyone who must communicate today. Because with 500 billion messages going by per second, we can't win by delivering more data. Our brains crave less. They want help to make snap judgments on the least bit of info. They want us to package it for them--in very special, short sets of words called Micro-Scripts. That's why:

- A new product seizes 50% of the market in 2 years using 7 perfect words.

- A lawyer won the murder trial of the century with 8 simple words.

- Ernest Hemingway thought his greatest story ever was 6 words long.

- A presidential election turned on a 4 word phrase.

Imagine what magic words like these can do for your brand, your career, your website or your business plan. They've been used by great communicators for 1,000 years. Now they're yours in this smart and entertaining book by best-selling author Bill Schley.

"This should be required reading for every candidate and campaign consultant."
--JIM KITCHENS, Ph. D., President of The Kitchens Group

"WOW, one of the most important books you will read in your lifetime "
--JASON JENNINGS, bestselling author, Less is More, Think BIG-Act Small

"The Micro-Script Rules is dead on--it's how to verbalize your difference."
--JACK TROUT, co-author of the legendary Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

"Too many CEOs forget it's their responsibility to differentiate the company. This smart little book shows you how" --GRAHAM WESTON, Former Chairman of Rackspace NYSE: RAX

Author: Bill Schley
Binding Type: Paperback
Publisher: N.W. Widener
Published: 09/10/2018
Pages: 204
Weight: 0.58lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.47d
ISBN: 9781732748804

About the Author
Schley, Bill: - Bill Schley is an award-winning branding expert, author, speaker, and a lifelong entrepreneur. He is co-founder of the strategic branding firm BrandTeamSix, known for creating the Dominant Selling Idea and Micro-Scripts at some of the world's most successful companies. He began his career as a writer at legendary Ted Bates Advertising Agency-the original Mad Men agency in New York-where he won an Effie Award for sales-effective advertising. In addition to The Micro-Script Rules, Bill is the author with Graham Weston of The UnStoppables (Wiley), a New York Times Best Seller; Why Johnny Can't Brand (Penguin Hardcover), which won the award for Top 5 Marketing Books of the Year by Strategy+Business Magazine, and best-seller The Power-of-Ten (HarperCollins). He has appeared on CNBC's Street Signs, CNN's Money Online, and numerous syndicated radio programs. He is an avid sailor, skydiver, and a graduate of Harvard University. Visit his site at Listen to: The Brand Brothers-his Nobel Prize-winning podcast with Lorenzo Gomez