You Are The Team: 6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go From Good To Great

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Imagine a team with completely committed and selfless collaborative team members. Imagine a team who cared deeply and passionately about team results. Imagine a team where you (as a leader or a teammate) were free from the burden of dealing with team politics, drama, and distractions. Imagine a team where egos are checked at the door, and shared commitment to team excellence takes precedence. Is it possible? Yes!

Drawing on decades of expertise, visionary leader and team expert Michael G. Rogers presents an unparalleled approach to team development that sets this book apart from any other in the leadership genre.

With captivating stories, relatable examples, introspective activities, and actionable exercises, this book challenges your team's mindset and equips them with the tools to elevate their personal performance and that of your entire team.

You Are the Team - 6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go from Good to Great is not a book just for you but for every member of your team. It is a meaningful, practical, actionable, and enduring gift to your team and possibly a gift to your entire organization.

Within the chapters of this book, the members of your team will learn to:
  • Embrace selflessness by prioritizing the team's needs above individual interests.
  • Uphold commitments and follow through on promises made.
  • Engage in honest, bold, and direct discussions, fostering a culture of open communication.
  • Take ownership of personal performance and strive for excellence.
  • Seek out and embrace constructive feedback from fellow teammates.
  • Cultivate a profound sense of gratitude for both leaders and teammates.
  • Infuse positive energy into every team and teammate interaction, fostering a vibrant and productive environment.
  • Reject negativity and gossip, cultivating an atmosphere of respect and professionalism.
  • Regularly express appreciation and celebrate teammate and collective team successes.
  • Exhibit kindness and respect toward team members, fostering a harmonious working relationship.
  • Develop empathy and a deepened understanding of teammates' perspectives.
  • Go above and beyond to support the team, demonstrating unwavering commitment.
  • Sharpen focus on shared goals through strong personal goals.
  • Present solutions and actively be a part of the solution rather than dwelling on and complaining about problems.
  • Inspire and lead others through action, becoming a beacon of motivation and guidance to the team.

It is a time-honored truth that remarkable teams are composed of extraordinary individuals, and this book empowers every team member to rise to their full potential.

Central to every exceptional team are strong relationships. The foundation for true collaboration and outstanding results lies in an unwavering commitment to nurturing these teammate connections. Michael's groundbreaking book unveils the secrets to forging unbreakable bonds among teammates, enabling them to transcend mediocrity and become extraordinary team players in their pursuit of extraordinary results.

Author Michael G. Rogers is a former Director of Learning, Performance and Quality for a Fortune 50 company. He is an Inc. Top 100 Leadership Speaker and is currently a lecturer of management at Southern Utah University Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business. Michael is also the president of the Teamwork and Leadership Company and has worked with and helped hundreds of leaders in building more effective teams.

Be prepared to enter a world where individual potential merges with team and organizational greatness.

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Author: Michael G. Rogers
Binding Type: Paperback
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Published: 06/15/2017
Pages: 130
Weight: 0.4lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.28d
ISBN: 9781546770855

About the Author
Michael Rogers is the author of You Are the Team-6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go from Good to Great, and an Inc. Top 100 Leadership speaker. Michael is president of The Teamwork and Leadership Company, a workshop and consulting group focused on building better teams and leaders. As a speaker, trainer, and consultant, Michael has worked for over 20 years with hundreds of senior and middle level leaders in building more effective teams. His blog, Teamwork and Leadership, regularly ranks in the top ten blogs in leadership and has a monthly following of over 30,000. Michael resides with his wife, Terri, in beautiful Cedar City, Utah. They have been married for 30 years and have six sons (one daughter-in-law), two daughters (two son-in-laws), and seven grandchildren.

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